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The Priapus Shot (P-shot) is a lasting solution to help with sexual performance. Men who have received the Priapus Shot have reported increased firmness, blood flow, and appearance of erections, in addition to increased sexual desire, stamina and pleasure. This procedure can also decrease the need for ED medications, and some have also reported an improvement or complete resolution of prostate discomfort or urinary incontinence. Contact us to schedule your P-Shot, and return to the fulfilling sex life you deserve!




For many men, hair loss can be devastating. Often our hair stands as a form of aesthetic expression with the different ways we can style our hair. Thinning hair or early hair loss can cause low self-esteem or embarrassment if it is left untreated. Whether hair loss is caused by aging, disease, genetics, stress, or hormonal imbalance millions of people are searching for a solution. Our hair restoration technology uses platelets from your own blood to stimulate hair growth as a permanent, effective and organic solution.

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